Introducing One-and-done KPI

What is “one-and-done”?

When a lead or a customer chats with your team via Slaask, and when your team offers real-time help and resolves all their needs on the spot, the conversation can be considered as a “one-and-done” conversation.

Here’s one situation that is NOT counted as “one-and-done”:

  • When a lead or a customer chats with you to clarify a question or to ask for a suggestion via Slaask, and your team is not able to resolve it immediately.

The “One-and-done” KPI is unique and is truly amazing for any company. The “One-and-done” KPI is great to:

  • Measure your team’ efficiency
  • Measure your team knowledge
  • Measure your lead and customer satisfaction

Where can I see this “one-and-done” KPI?

“One-and-done” is a truly unique KPI, a KPI currently unique to Slaask. To find it, please:

  1. Sign in at
  2. Click on “Insights”.

How to mark a conversation as resolved or unresolved?

When you close a conversation by using the /slaask command, you will be able to see a notification, as shown below:

You can either mark the conversation as “Resolved” or “Unresolved”.

Once you mark a conversation with a lead or a customer as “Resolved”, and if the conversation started during the same session, this conversation will be counted as a “one-and-done” conversation.