Integrating Stripe with Slaask

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a software platform for internet businesses to accept payments online, and in mobile apps.

How does Stripe work with Slaask?

By integrating Stripe with Slaask, you can integrate all Stripe information about your customer directly into Slaask during a conversation.

In other words, when a customer asks a question or shares their needs, in real time, your agent can simultaneously check their billing information from Stripe!

How to connect Stripe?

  1. Go to the integration page from your Slaask account.
  2. Select the tab, “Payment”.
  3. Click on the “Connect” button under the Stripe logo.
  4. Grant permission to Slaask (you must be logged in as admin on Stripe)
  5. Finally, you will see that your Stripe has been successfully connected to Slaask.

How Slaask can recognize my customer on Stripe?

  1. You have to use the identify function.
  2. Send the Stripe customer ID to Slaask with the parameter stripe_id.

It works 💕 You’ll automatically receive Stripe information about your customer, directly in Slack, at the beginning of the conversation.


Who can use this feature?

  • Slack admins and Admins can get access to this feature.
  • Available on all plans.