Integrating LiveAgent ticketing system with Slaask

How does LiveAgent ticketing system work with Slaask?

LiveAgent works when your Slaask is in delayed chat mode.

After integrating LiveAgent with Slaask, all messages sent in delayed chat mode from leads/customers received through Slaask live chat will automatically be delivered to your LiveAgent ticketing system.

In addition, the messages will automatically be categorized under the right topic. On the ticketing system side, not only can you define different type of tickets, but you can also define different priorities per ticket.

How to integrate LiveAgent ticketing system with Slaask?

1. Go to the integration page from your Slaask account.

2. Select the tab, “Ticketing system”.

3. Click on the “Connect” button under LiveAgent’s logo.

4. Click on “Integrate LiveAgent”.

5. Click on the button “Click to edit” and enter your ticketing system’s topic and email address so that messages sent in delayed chat mode from your leads/customers can be directly delivered to the right category in your ticketing system. (We recommend you use the same topics as defined in your ticketing system, for example: Sales, tech, product, etc.).

6. Click “Add email” to add another topic and email address. It is possible to add an unlimited number of topics and email addresses.

7. Click “Save”.

8. Finally, you will see that your LiveAgent ticketing system has been successfully connected to Slaask.


Who can use this feature?

  • Slack admins and Admins can get access to this feature.
  • Available on all plans.