Automatically detecting your team members’ presence

To control your live chat status (‘live chat mode’ Versus ‘delayed chat mode’), Slaask takes into account your team’s real-time availability on Slack. In other words, Slaask automatically detects the presence of your team members.

  • Your live chat will be switched to ‘delayed chat mode’ automatically, if nobody in your team is active on Slack.
  • Your live chat will be switched to ‘live chat mode’ automatically, as soon as at least one team member is active on Slack.
‘Active’ here means the team member’s status is neither ‘away’ nor ‘offline’.

When Slack changes my Slack status from ‘active’ to ‘away’?

  • If you are using Slack desktop apps:

You’ll appear active whenever Slack is open and you’re interacting with your computer. After 30 minutes of inactivity, Slack will automatically change your status to away. You’ll appear active once you start interacting with your computer again.

  • If you are using Slack in a web browser:

You’ll appear active whenever you’re interacting with Slack in a web browser. After 30 minutes of browser inactivity, you will be marked away. As soon as you re-engage with Slack in the browser, your availability will update to active again.

  • If you are using Slack mobile apps:

You’ll appear active when the Slack app is open. When you switch to another app, close the Slack app, or lock your screen, you’ll remain active in Slack for 30 seconds before updating to away.

To learn more about your availability in Slack, please refer to ‘Set your Slack status and availability.’

To learn more about controlling your Slaask live chat status, please refer to “Using the live chat mode and delayed chat mode”.

Who can use this feature?

  • Everyone can get access to this feature.
  • Available on all plans except the Free plan.