Viewing the Slaask account

What is a Slaask account?

Slaask’s user back office, also called a “Slaask account”, enables Slaask users to customize every Slaask-related aspect and get access to several very useful analytics. To make it more user-friendly, the Slaask account is divided into sections.

To get access to your Slaask account, just click on the button “Sign in” located on the upper right-hand corner of

What if I have several Slack teams?

Currently, one Slaask account will work with one Slack team. If you have more than one Slack team, you will need the same amount of Slaask accounts to correspond with each respective Slack team.


“Insights” is the dashboard page shown to Slaask users when they’re connected on In this page, you can see analytics and key performance indicators (average response time, messages count per day, etc.) with graphics.


In the Personalization section, you can customize every last detail of your widget, including the name, color, welcome message, live chat & delayed chat mode, set groups etc… pretty much anything you can think of!


Here you can find all of your Slaask widget visitors in real time, for example, which web page they just viewed. You can also push a message to a particular visitor on this page.


In this section, you can find all the conversations via Slaask widget.

Auto Messages

You can set triggers in this section, enables you to pre-set messages you’d like to push to any group of your visitors on any given page or URL of your website.


Slaask offers many integrations to expand the possibilities of your livechat tool.

Your bots

Slaask provides a bot service to help you better manage your interactions with leads and customers. You can customize your very own bot so that it is in line with your company’s graphic guidelines. Your company bot can then push your documentation/FAQ/knowledge base to your leads and customers.

Canned responses

You can set a predetermined response to a common question in this section. It allows you to compose a response and reuse it as many times as you’d like.


Administrators are able to define who is allowed to use Slaask widget in their team, so each time Slaask creates a channel for new conversations, they will be invited.


This page will provide you with a list of Slaask commands. A Slaask command gives you the ability to interact with the different Slaask features within Slack.


You can get access to our general documentation, where you can see all the common questions and the answers.

Any questions

Talk with us directly via live chat to help you resolve all your questions when you use Slaask.