Does Slaask slow down my site?

Slaask is super optimized and does not slow down your website nor your mobile apps. Here’s why:

– The Slaask source code is minified.
– Slaask only contains a few small optimized images.

• If you customize the images of your widget, please pay attention to the size of what you upload.
• For your knowledge, the background images we provide are all super light and very well optimized.

If you are still worried about Slaask slowing down your website, we recommend that you use the asynchronized code snippet that we provide when integrating Slaask to your webpages.

The asynchronized code snippet is loaded after all other scripts on the page, making sure that Slaask does not affect the loading time of your website.

Where can I find the asynchronized code snippet?

• Sign in at
• Select the “Personalization” icon on the left panel.
• You should be able to find the tab “Asynchronized” from this page.

To learn more about that, you could click on this link: Adding the Slaask code to my site.

Does Slaask slow down my WordPress website?

You have no need to worry, the Slaask plugin for WordPress was built with the asynchronized code snippet.

Does Slaask slow down my mobile apps?

Not at all. For mobile apps, Slaask automatically uses the asynchronized code snippet.