Signing up to Slaask

The process of signing up to Slaask is very simple. Here is the information for you to know the exact steps in the process as well as why we set up these steps for you.

To begin the sign-up process, you must be a Slack admin.

1. Click “Sign in” at

2. Connect to your Slack team.

3. Authorize Slaask to access your Slack account.

Since Slaask is fully integrated with Slack, in order to completely enjoy the Slaask service, it is necessary to authorize Slaask to access your Slack account.

4. Naming your Slaask

This name will appear as the name of your live chat (also known as a widget).

5. Upload an image

This image will appear as an overlay on your site and will be used for your widget. By clicking on it, your visitors will open the Slaask customer service app that will allow them to chat with your team.

6. Customize your live chat interface.

Slaask automatically (and magically!) scans your website to determine what the brand identity and color scheme of your website are and as a result, can preconfigure your customer service default colors. Nevertheless, you can still adjust your customer service colors according to your own taste.

7. Invite your team members to Slaask.

Your team members will receive an invite by email once you have invited them.

Only the team members you invite to Slaask will be able to access Slaask and chat with your leads and customers.

8. Deploy Slaask on your website and/or mobile apps.

You can click the tab that indicates the type of website/mobile app you have and then follow the necessary steps to deploy Slaask.

The steps during the sign-up process cover the very basic requirements for Slaask to work perfectly. This is why, once you’ve finished the sign-up process, you can start chatting with your leads and customers right away from your Slack account.

After you’ve finished the sign-up process, you will be automatically redirected to your own Slaask account. From there, and if you would like to, you will be able to configure your Slaask customer service app in greater depth.