Differentiating Slaask and LivePerson


Slaask brings all your team (and client!) communication together in one place. In other words, Slaask enables you to chat with your leads and customers in real time and directly from Slack. Whether you go with internal communication or external communication (with your leads and customers) your team will be able to do both from the same platform.

What we have that LivePerson doesn’t


– With Slaask, you can set up your own bot to help your team members reply to your leads and customers in live chat mode or delayed chat mode. (To learn more: Setting up a bot for my company)

– With Slaask, there are 5 types of triggers available, you can predefine messages and trigger them anytime and anywhere on the page(s). (To learn more: Understanding the 5 types of triggers)



– Slaask can show you in real time where your leads and customers are navigating through your website so that you can better meet their needs and provide them with the proper assistance. (To learn more: Including your lead/customer’s path (URL) throughout the conversation)

– With Slaask, your live chat’s language setting will automatically adjust to the language setting of your visitor’s web browser. (To learn more: Adapting live chat to your multilingual website)

– With Slaask, you can customize the sound notification that your leads and customers will hear when they receive a message via Slaask while not actively browsing that tab. (To learn more: Uploading an MP3. Activated as a notification sound on your lead’s/customer’s end)

– With Slaask, you can define a wait time before the visitor is automatically asked for their email address, or a message is pushed if there is an inquiry from your lead/customer but no team member replies.

– With Slaask, returning leads and customers can always see the chat history directly in the live chat. (To learn more: Returning leads/customers)

– With Slaask, you can review the conversation history on your Slaask account without a time limit. (To learn more: Reviewing all conversations from your Slaask account)


Efficiency and Agility

– With Slaask, you can set up scheduling for your live chat as well as scheduling for each of your team members. (To learn more: Managing your business’s status with scheduling)

– Slaask automatically detects your team member’s presence to manage your live chat status with no extra action required. (To learn more: Using the live chat mode and delayed chat mode)

– With Slaask, both users and team members can initiate a screenshot action. Team members will need users’ permission to take a screenshot on the user end. (To learn more: Taking a screenshot)

– Slaask offers direct commands to use as shortcuts for you to control your live chat more easily and more practically. For example, by using “!here” you can know that your leads and customers are currently present or absent. By using “!ban”, you can block the message from a specific lead or customer. (Using Slaask commands)

– With Slaask, you can hide internal chat with teammates from your leads/customers during a conversation. (To learn more: Hiding internal chat from your leads/customers)

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Slaask offers a flat rate instead of “per seat” pricing. Our pricing offers a free plan for an unlimited number of users company-side, whereas LivePerson starts at $49 per month per user, company-side.

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