Testing Slaask without deploying it

You may want to test Slaask without deploying it on your site or mobile app. Here is how you can do that in a few simple steps.

How to test Slaask without deploying it?

If you are brand new to Slaask and haven’t signed up yet:

1. Open your Slack account on one tab in your web browser.

2. On another tab in your web browser, go to slaask.com and click “Sign in.”

3. From there, follow the on-boarding process. You will get a unique widget key on the last step. You can then copy it.

4. Type “https://slaask.com/chat/your_widget_key” on a new tab in your browser. The livechat you will receive on this page is your very own live chat, as you would see it on your site or mobile app. This livechat is already linked to your Slack account.

5. Type something in it, such as “Hello, this is a test.”

6. Once you send the message via this livechat, you should then receive the message, through a newly created channel, in your Slack account.


If you have already signed up for Slaask.

1. Sign in at slaask.com.

2. Select the section, “Personalization” on the left panel.

3. You will see your widget key displayed in the middle of the row. Now copy it.

4. Type “https://slaask.com/chat/your_widget_key” in your browser.

5. Then you will see a livechat displayed on the page. You can type anything inside this livechat and then send it as a message.

6. Once you send the message from this livechat, a newly created channel will appear on your Slack platform containing this message.

Your widget needs to be in “live chat mode” in order to test Slaask.

In the image above, you’ll see a check mark in the column titled “Available”. This means your widget is in live chat mode. If you see an “X”, then you will have to turn your widget on. (How to turn on my widget?)