Deploying Slaask on WordPress

Slaask has a WordPress plugin!

It is super easy to install the Slaask plugin on your WordPress site. You just have to follow four very simple steps:

  • Start the Slaask onboarding process at
  • Install the “Slaask” plugin on your WordPress (
  • Copy your widget key from Slaask’s onboarding process and paste it in the WP dashboard -> Tool -> Slaask.
  • Enable our Slaask plugin to have the chat tool deployed live on your WordPress site.

Once you’ve completed these steps, all your visitor inquiries will be pushed from the Slaask widget deployed on your website to your Slack account via dedicated channels.

From your Slaask account (go to, you can also customize pretty much anything you can think of to make sure the live chat is well-integrated in your WordPress layout!

Please note that from your WordPress, there is NO confirmation message once your widget key has been saved. No need to worry! By the presence of the Slaask button (usually bottom right corner) on your website, you’ll know that the Slaask widget is deployed. 🙂

Also, it could be possible for you to see the Slaask live chat on your website while others cannot. Due to a strong internal policy about cache at WordPress, there may be lag (there may be a delay). You shouldn’t worry about it though, as it won’t last long. If you can see the widget on your end, everybody else will be able to see it shortly.